Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies

Mission and vision

Our mission

Monday Morning Meetings on Migration (4M) digitally interconnects people, from all backgrounds and professional fields, interested in contemporary and thought-provoking migration issues. 

Our podcasts of max. 15-20 minutes, published on Mondays, are mostly based on and triggered by controversial statements made and portrayed in mass media. Our podcasts, then, seek to ‘investigate’ certain matters in an informal but qualitative manner that goes beyond the initial mass media coverage.

Our vision

In a time that the whole world is encountering ongoing (global) migration flows in varying sizes and forms, we provide a digital platform that engages with international critical thought – beyond academics – on current domestic and transnational migration issues.

Goals and objectives:

  • Engage with the problematisation of migration challenges that confront international societies and its citizens;
  • Provide and advance insight into the background stories of certain debatable migration issues;
  • Reach out to a broad audience that is confronted with (sometimes) a one-sided mass media coverage on migration matters, and is interested in hearing the other side.

Published by  IMES

15 March 2016