Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies


IMES is a multidisciplinary and interfaculty research centre that focuses on international migration and the integration of immigrants and their descendants in host societies in a comparative perspective. IMES is part of the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR). IMES is directed by Dr. Darshan Vigneswaran, Dr. Olga Sezneva and Dr. Barak Kalir.

IMES is supported by four programme groups of AISSR that are active in the thematic fields of integration and migration:

IMES is open to all researchers who are interested in the thematic fields of integration and migration and can contribute to the centre's activities.

IMES does not employ staff.

  • dr. D.V. (Darshan) Vigneswaran

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  • dr. B. (Barak) Kalir

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Published by  IMES

12 February 2015