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Movie clips AISSR Harvest Day online

20 November 2015

On 10 November 2015 the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), organized its second Harvest Day. During this day 13 researchers presented fresh research results. The movie clips of these researchers are now published on our AISSR Website and our Youtube Channel.

Presentations online

  • Eileen Moyer (Anthropology): Gender, sexuality and HIV in urban Africa
  • Giselinde Kuipers (Sociology): Social differences in the evaluation of the beauty of male and female faces
  • John Grin (Political Science): The health care agenda, health practices and governance
  • Esther Miedema (GPIO ): Gender inequality and the HIV epidemic in Mozambique
  • Gerben Nooteboom and Rosanne Rutten (Anthropology): Large-scale (trans)national investments in farmland in Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Thijs Bol (Sociology ): Wage inequality and why some occupations pay higher wages than other occupations
  • Theresa Kuhn (Political Science ): Cross-border interactions among ordinary people in Europe and a collective European identity
  • Virginie Mamadouh (GPIO): European geopolitics
  • Liza Mügge (Political Science): Gender and ethnicity in recruitment and selection of political candidates
  • Olga Sooudi (Anthropology): Japanese immigrants in New York 
  • Justus Uitermark (Sociology): Cities and social movements
  • Darshan Vigneswaran (Political Science): States, borders, control and developing cities
  • Marco te Brömmelstroet (GPIO ): Urban cycling and the potential of the integrated bike-train system

About the AISSR Harvest Day

The AISSR Harvest Day is an annual event that presents fresh research results from the various AISSR programme groups focusing on shared research themes. The Harvest Day programme consists of a plenary session with keynotes and film clips and Open Space Discussions where the audience can discuss research results with our researchers. The themes of 2015 were: Health & Society, Inequalities, Urban Dynamics.

Radio interviews

During the AISSR Harvest Day 2015 4 researchers were interviewed about their research:

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