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IMES launches podcast on migration and politics

18 March 2016

In the course of the mass reporting on recent migration developments, IMES responds to the demand for informed commentary on the politics of migration by launching the Morning Meetings on Migration (4M) Podcast. The podcasts generate theoretically and politically engaged discussions on the relationships between human mobility, space and power.

A podcast of max. 15-20 minutes, published on Mondays, introduces a recent event – on what has been said, proposed or implemented – related to migration and gathers insight in what lies behind the mass media headlines.

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A Trump Presidency: the First 100 Days

After a series of large victories in the primaries, Donald Trump is being hailed as the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee. His election campaign has promised two major changes to immigration policy: build a wall on the US/Mexico border and increase efforts to deport unauthorised foreign residents. In this week’s podcast, we ask Austin Kocher to forecast what the first 100 days of a Trump Presidency would mean for US migrants and politics more generally. He reveals just how far Trump’s candidacy has already shifted the terms of debate.

EU-Turkey: Deal or No Deal?

The EU and Turkey are aiming to close the ‘Balkan route’ to Europe. On March 7 2016, the EU mooted a plan to send non-refugees back to Turkey while offering to resettle those people who Turkey has already qualified as refugees. In today’s podcast, Franck Düvell argues that this seemingly simple and straightforward swap faces a litany of legal and logistical uncertainties.

Cologne and the Art of Not Being a Racist

On New Year’s Eve 2016 German police received hundreds of complaints of crimes including sexual assaults and robberies occurring in the vicinity of the Cologne Central Railway station. Many blamed recently arrived asylum seekers for the attacks. In this week’s podcast  Francois Bonnet of the CNRS, explains why we have struggled to balance our righteous indignation at the attacks with our fear of being labelled a ‘racist’.

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