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Launch of the AISSR Great Thinkers Seminar Series

14 July 2016

In September 2016 the AISSR launches a new series in which social science researchers present the work of a great thinker in their field immersing us in key features of the social science canon. They shall explore contributions of Great Thinkers across disciplinary lines. In the academic year 2016-2017 we will present Adam Smith, Amartya Sen, Hanna Arendt, Mary Douglas, Stuart Hall and Pierre Bourdieu.

The lectures are open to the public. Geoffrey Underhill will kick of the series with a public lecture and PhD seminar on Adam Smith.

The PhD seminars are open to AISSR PhD students. During these PhD seminars they will discuss key readings of the respective thinker. How can you use these readings in your own research project? 

Programme 2016-2017

  • Geoffrey Underhill presents Adam Smith
    22 September (lecture), 29 September (PhD Seminar) 2016
  • Nicky Pouw presents Amartya Sen
    15 November (lecture), 29 November (PhD Seminar) 2016
  • Barak Kalir presents Hanna Arendt
    2 February (lecture), 3 February (PhD Seminar) 2017 
  • Ria Reis presents Mary Douglas
    March 2017
  • Rivke Jaffe presents Stuart Hall
    18 April (lecture), 2 May (PhD Seminar) 2017
  • Giselinde Kuipers presents Pierre Bourdieu
    May/June 2017


You can register by sending an email to Please indicate if you would only like to attend the lecture, or if you would like to attend both lecture and PhD seminar.

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