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All about migration @ University of Amsterdam

Migration is an important topic at the UvA.

Why migration is important topic / and interdisciplinary in nature / multifaceted 

  • Education

    This page offers an overview of education in migration at the University of Amsterdam.


    EU Migration Law: Forced and Unforced Migration to the EU MA 
    EU Migration Law: Free Movement of Persons within the EU MA 


    Beyond the Borders of Europe: Diaspora and Migration  BA 
    EU Migration Law  BA 
    De grenzen van het Zuiden. Emigratie en immigratie  BA 
    Frankrijk, (post)kolonialisme en migratie  BA 
    Identity and Migration in Modern Scandinavian Literature MA 

    Social and Behavioural Sciences

    Gender, Migration and Kinship  BA 
    Introduction to Migration Studies  BA 
    Migrant Motives and Migration Policies BA 
    Migration & Citizenship BA 
    Migration & Population Dynamics BA 
    Migration Lab  BA 
    Minor Global Migration  BA 
    Dynamics of International Migration and Immigrant Integration MA 
    Family and Migration  MA 
    Global migration: humanitarian issues and policy responses MA 
    Migration, Territory and Power: Governing and Controlling Human Mobility MA 
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