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Migration and Ethnic Diversity PhD Network

This network connects PhD's from different disciplinary backgrounds and regions, encouraging the creation of sub-groups. Groups can be formed based on topics or on methodological approach, and can take the form of a writing group, a reading group, or any others that you see fit. Members are encouraged to exchange information on conferences, new articles, methodological questions and job opportunities, as well as sharing struggles about pressure, motivation, time management etc.

The network is supported by the UvA’s Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and the VU’s Migration Diversity Centre (MDC), but is completely independent and events are organized by the members themselves.

Joining the network 

Joining the network is free of charge, and how you contribute and what you get out of it will be completely up to you. The network is open to PhD's from any country and our general meetings (2 times a year) might occasionally take place outside the Netherlands. By connecting online (see for our LinkedIn group below), PhD's can create sub-groups in their geographical region or just share information online. To sign-up for the network you can send an e-mail to