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The present report Monitor Muslim Discrimination is my second publication on islamophobia in the Netherlands. It discusses the Dutch situation from where the first report ended, in particular the time period after 2011. The underlying research project builds on this earlier research. It is part of a longitudinal Monitor project that collects data, analyses this phenomenon and highlights contexts and backgrounds.

The objectives of this project are:

  1. to increase  insight into islamophobia as a form of racism, its causes, incidence, impact and consequences;
  2. to  obtain public and official recognition of islamophobia as a separate form of discrimination comparable to anti-Semitism, in order to better monitor it in the future;
  3. to contribute to the development of  counter policies and practices to be used by municipalities, national governments, civil society organizations and the public at large.

These objectives are achieved  through data gathering, secondary analysis of research data of academic and specialized institutes, empirical in-depth research on specific issues (desk research, interviews, surveys), dissemination of research outcomes via lectures, academic conferences, (press)interview and advocacy activities and through contributing to capacity-building by empowering ethnic minority civil society organizations with knowledge, insight and policy recommendations. The idea behind it is in short that hate speech and acts must not take place without reply based on facts and voice.

Although it has sometimes  been claimed that the Netherlands is ‘the front line in the clash of civilizations’, islamophobia is not only a Dutch but equally a European and international problem. Everywhere in the western world extremist actors abuse  existing economic and social crises to set Muslims apart and make them scapegoats.  This research project is therefore equally relevant for international audiences of scholars, politicians, policy makers and ethnic minority communities, in particular for its for its assistance in shaping policies. 

Download Report

At this point in time the report is only available in Dutch, but which includes an English summary. See the link below for downloading the report.


Monitor Moslim Discriminatie (incl. English summary)