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The Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam, the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Free University of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Institute in Athens, in collaboration with Greek universities and NGOs, will organize this intensive winter course, which will run from January 18 to January 31, 2017 at the NIA Institute in Athens.

The East Mediterranean has become one of the entry “gates” of Europe as its geographical position is at the margins, at the crossroads of Asia and Africa in the south of the Mediterranean sea, and includes the large Aegean basin with thousands of islets and islands that serve as mobility networks.

Within a few decades the social life in the wider region transformed with a large proportion of the population being immigrants who are living in the countryside or in various neighbourhoods of the capital city of Athens. In these contexts migrants are trying tactically to make their lives despite the high unemployment rate, the stigmatization and the marginalization they encounter. Therefore a major part of this seminar will focus on how immigrants experience such new conditions and how they adapt or adopt in the new cultural contexts.

The course will be supplemented with a small field research in the centre of Athens and students will be able to contribute to this migration project by recording and illustrating life experiences of refugees and other immigrants.

Only MA- and first year PhD-students with a relevant background (e.g. in Anthropology, Sociology, Migration Studies, Political Science, Human Geography) can participate in this course.

Additional information

Please see the attached document below for further information on the course and the application process.

Course Migration in the Margins of Europe - Winter 2017