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Results: 1 - 20 of 26
Results: 1 - 20 of 26
  • ‘Chinatown, Klein Istanbul of toch maar een doorsneebuurt?’

  • Accommodating religious claims in the Dutch workplace: Unacknowledged Sabbaths, objecting marriage registrars and pressured faith-based organizations

  • Becoming less illegal: deservingness frames and undocumented migrant incorporation

  • Bundeling van essentiële artikelen over migratie in Europa

  • Comparing immigration policies: an overview from the IMPALA database

  • Contested policies of exclusion: Resistance and protest against asylum policy in the Netherlands

  • Derde Monitor Moslim Discriminatie

  • Diasporas and secessionist conflicts: the mobilization of the Armenian, Albanian and Chechen diasporas

  • Do people who like diversity practice diversity in neighbourhood life?Neighbourhooduse and social networks of ‘diversity seekers’ in a mixed neighbourhood.

  • Equal Opportunities and Ethnic Inequality in European Labour Markets

  • Exclusionary policies are not just about the 'neoliberal city': a critique on theories of urban revanchism and the case of Rotterdam

  • Immigration, integration and support for redistribution in Europe.

  • Measuring Immigration Policies: Preliminary Evidence from IMPALA

  • Migrant cities: place, power, and voice in the era of super diversity

  • Moving subjects, stagnant paradigms: can the ‘mobilities paradigm’ transcend methodological nationalism?

  • Mutualism, resource competition and opposing movements among Turkish organizations in Amsterdam and Berlin, 1965–2000

  • On moral substance and visual obscurity in policies and practice of state expansion

  • Partisan embedding of liberalism: how trade, investment, and immigration affect party support for the welfare state

  • The deportation continuum: convergences between state agents and NGO workers in the Dutch deportation field

  • The impact of neighbourhood and municipality characteristics on social cohesion in the Netherlands